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Sales and Operations Planning

Ian gave this presentation in support of the University of Bolton’s CPD (Continuing Professional Development) programme aimed at providing specific operational skills. His topic was Sales & Operations Planning as a tool of particular relevance in times of recession and the presentation focused on the steps by which ‘Sales’ and ‘Operations’ can establish a plan to take the business forward

S&OP University of Bolton



Breakfast Briefing - Making the Most of What We’ve Got

This briefing, undertaken with the Institute of Operations Management, took as its theme the basic premise that we can’t always deliver Supply Chain (or ERP system) success by changing our system. The session focussed on the steps to be taken to make best use of the system we already have.

Making The Most Of What We've Got



Breakfast Briefing - Executive S&OP

Read the detail of both Ian’s and Robin’s presentations that appeared in the IOM journal (Operations Management) following our inaugural and successful breakfast briefings UK tour. 

Part 1 - Robin's Presentation
Part 2 - Ian's Presentation



ERP - Cost or Benefit?

Ian Henderson presented this paper which concentrated on the state of play in the ERP market at the CIM show, asking why so often system implementations clearly fail to deliver the benefits anticipated when a business embarks on such a high-investment programme. After studying the evolution of ERP the presentation pointed out some of the classic mistakes which lead to failure in this area and provided a framework enabling the introduction of a new system to deliver business benefits. The fundamental approach promoted is that of ACS (Applied Common Sense) - a key constituent of which is that we must remember that we are embarking on a business project and not become lost in the jargon and hyperbolae surrounding IT.

ERP Cost or Benefit?



Sales and Operations Planning

A brief article by Robin describing the need for and ways to succeed with Sales and Operations Planning

Sales & Operations Planning



Why Is Making To Order So Different?

This article appeared in the Institute of Operations Management's monthly magazine, ‘Control’. It looks at the requirements of Engineer To Order (ETO) organisations in business system terms and contrasts these with those of standard product environments - the spiritual home of MRP and its successors. The paper is a summarised extract from Ian's A5 booklet.

Why is MTO So Different?



Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

This paper, published by the National Computing Centre on their web site: was written by John Dean from his experiences of designing and implementing BPO solutions. It argues that good governance is the key success factor in any such engagement. 




ERP & Lean Incompatible?

In an attempt to bring some common sense and truths to bear upon the fallacy that Lean and ERP are in some way incompatible, Ian and John D have written a management briefing on the subject. This too was published by the National Computing Centre on their web site:

ERP & Lean Incompatible?